The drop in

A few weeks went by after Lee’s passing. Pam and David readjusted back into “normal” life, continuing to see patients and build the practice. But life’s glossy finish had lost some of its shine, and David even started to question the meaning of it all. Lee’s death had raised questions that lingered in the air. David couldn’t get them out of his mind.


He needed answers – answers which he felt would be found in the Scriptures – but as a Jew, he’d only read the Old Testament. The parts about heaven and hell were on the Jesus side of the book, and Jews really don’t read about Jesus.

David decided he needed to talk to a Christian.

On May 7, 1983, David dropped in on his only Christian friends, looking for answers. Arnie and Fran were a couple that Pam and David had spent many a meal with, both couples running in the same professional circles in town. They had lots in common at this stage in their lives, but one thing that set them apart was that when they would sit down to a meal, Arnie would say a prayer that sounded like an actual conversation with God. It was almost like he was on speaking terms with the Almighty!

So on this particular Saturday, David dropped in on Arnie and Fran, who commented how unusual it was for them both to be home at the same time on a Saturday. This fortuitous situation was in David’s favor, since it allowed both of them to respond to his query. He mentioned Lee and the tragic loss and how it had rocked his world. He brought up Pam, and how she had mentioned they lacked any kind of spiritual component in their lives. He wrapped up by asking, “Do you think we could attend church with you sometime?” That would be nice, they responded.

The next day, while Pam and David were still waking up, the phone rang. Arnie was on the line.

“David! I know you mentioned perhaps going to church with us some Sunday. Well, today is Sunday! Would you like to come along?”

Pam and David looked at each other. “We don’t have any plans,” Pam said. David shrugged. “Why not!” They would go.

At his first church experience, David took some mental notes. Firstly, everyone was warm and friendly – and at such an early hour! On a weekend! Secondly, the service itself was comfortable. Although the content wasn’t very heavy or “meaty”, much like a warm cup of coffee, the service was pleasant but didn’t fill the stomach. In summary, attending church didn’t seem too burdensome. David thought he would probably return.

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