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Stories. They’re how we communicate what has happened. How we preserve the memories we’ve created. How we reflect on our past to appreciate our present. How we change our future.

I grew up hearing my parents tell “their story” to dozens of people. Every time they had a dinner party, I heard stories about how my parents met, how they started their business, how they found their house. But the story that impacted me the most was the story of how I came to be. How a couple who intended to be childless ended up with four children.

Without that story, I literally would have never existed. It’s a story of an unpredictable chain of events. And that chain of events changed the course of my family’s history forever.

That’s what makes it a miracle. Or rather, a whole string of miracles.

Now I have a child. I want him to hear these stories. I want him to be fully aware of his family tree and know what it took for him to be a part it. I want the stories of these miracles to be passed down to the next generation. I want to preserve the past for the benefit of our future.

So as I act the part of a family historian, I hope that these stories encourage you. The miracles we have experienced are real and they are life-altering, but they’re not exclusive to us. They’re just a fraction of what Jesus has done in our lives and what He’s continuing to do throughout the world today. We thank Him for the work He’s done in this family, and we thank Him for the miracles we have yet to see.

So Axel, this series is for you and for all who come after you. This will help explain where you came from, how unlikely it was for you to even be, and how many lives were affected in the process. I hope reading these stories build your faith in this great big God we serve. Because without the power of His love in our lives, you wouldn’t even be here.

Axel, this story is the miracle of you.


If you want to follow along, here is the story, bit by bit:

Part 1: The deal breaker

Part 2: A new union

Part 3: That DINK life

Part 4: The wake up call

Part 5: The first conversation

Part 6: When it all sinks in

Part 7: The drop in

Part 8: The guidebook

Part 9: The decision

Part 10: The pivot turn

Part 11: The unwanted baby

Part 12: The pregnancy journal

Part 13: The textbook baby

Part 14: And then there were more