The pregnancy journal

Excerpts from Pam’s pregnancy journal:

November 1, 1983

Felt the baby move for the 1st time.


November 15, 1983

David and I sent to our 1st prenatal class. Learned how to breath. Saw a movie on birth. Learned about labor. Preparation for the hospital (what to bring).


December 21, 1983

Had another appointment with Rosalee, and she thinks I’m gaining too much weight.


December 25, 1983

Last Christmas with my parents – they’re leaving for California, baby was kicking alot that day (as is true for most days). We got a playpen from my parents.

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January 2, 1984

I had an appointment with Rosalee and she said I was going to have a small baby. I started taking Fl2 today to protect baby’s teeth. David and I started rearranging the 2nd and 3rd floors to preparation for making the guest room into a nursery.


January 3, 1984

Tonight we have a prenatal class w/Jeanie Burks. David said last night he was getting really excited.


January 5, 1984

Talked to Carol Montei about babysitting when I go back to work. Stephanie Calder gave me lots of advice on what I need in preparation for the baby. My parents continue to tell me I look radiant.


January 30, 1984

The baby kicked alot this month, especially in the ribs – it must be pretty healthy – I’m still guessing it’s a boy though I’m not certain.


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February 13, 1984

Rosalee said it was going to be a good size baby. Fran had a shower for the baby and it was done “in style”. Received lots of gifts and support from close friends and co-workers.


February 14, 1984

I put a red heart sticker on my belly. Lamaze class had a film which showed a Lamaze class and their subsequent labors and births – made me cry it was so beautiful.


February 15, 1984

My feet are getting puffy by the end of the day – it looks like they belong to a 300-lb person.


February 16, 1984

My last Lamaze class – David has been wonderful to come to all of them with me – we talked about post-partum and its trials.


February 17, 1984

Worked on getting the nursery in shape; sorting out presents, writing thank yous, doing laundry.


February 23, 1984

Went to Sears – David was anxious to buy a Maxi-Taxi (stroller), he’s really getting excited.


March 23, 1984

Went to Divine for fetal monitoring (a non-stress test) and the baby is doing fine. There is a tape on the monitor which shows you the baby’s heartbeat and you can also see any contractions and hear and see baby’s heartbeat and movement. Baby is doing great!

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