The unwanted baby

May 1983. That’s when hearts had changed. Had turned. Had opened.

But just a crack.

David had tentatively suggested (with internal reservations a-plenty) that having a child was a possibility for this couple. Pam couldn’t believe her ears, especially because this unexpected announcement was so in line with certain maternal instincts that had started to bud her in her own heart. She hadn’t even mentioned to David that she’d started to think about babies, started to notice babies around her, had even had dreams about babies! But she didn’t dare bring it up to her husband. After all, getting a divorce over an unwanted baby didn’t sound appealing.

Now everything had changed. Or at least, it had the potential to change. What were the odds of all of this turning into something like…a family of three?

Pam didn’t have long to wonder. Six weeks later, she found out she was pregnant.


Talk about a permanent state of shock! Pam had never envisioned herself as a mother or even as a pregnant person. And yet here it was all happening – to her! She was so thrilled that she began to tell people the exciting news.

One gentleman took her aside and quietly said, “Oh honey, you should wait a few more weeks before you tell people. You just never know.”

You don’t know! Pam thought. My husband changed his mind!! No miracle seemed bigger than that. Well-intentioned advice such as this went in one ear and out the other. There was no convincing this woman otherwise. She was pregnant with a miracle baby.

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