A new union

Within two years of meeting, David and Pam were married. In what David would later describe as the best wedding he’d ever been to, they were married by a Jewish rabbi in a hotel in Philadelphia, surrounding by family and friends.

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Final details at the rehearsal. The couple wrote the wedding ceremony and procedures themselves.

The wedding ceremony was simple and fairly non-religious – David was a non-practicing Jew, and Pam was a non-practicing Christian. They danced and partied and filled the night with their huge smiles and loud laughter.

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Miracle Blog 4x6 (2)

Following the wedding and honeymoon on Paradise Island, the pair set off to open up a brand new dental practice – David as the periodontist, and Pam as the managing hygienist. Location was the key – where would these two set up their lives and livelihood? With possible options ranging coast to coast in the U.S., the couple weighed their choices: They could pursue life in California, following in the footsteps of David’s Jewish cousins. They seriously considered Atlanta for a hot second, even touring possible facilities and looking into licensing requirements, all while being charmed by the Southern hospitality. And then there was David’s home state of Connecticut, where his immediate family all resided.

But Don, Pam’s dad (also a dentist), recommended that they consider Williamsport, Pennsylvania – a town in a rural part of the state, situated halfway between Philadelphia and Pittsburg, that was under-served in the periodontal field. Maybe it was the prospect of being a big fish in a small pond, or maybe it was the proximity to family in the Northeast, or maybe it was just the familiar Pennsylvania dental licensing requirements. But whatever the underlying reason, Williamsport won the practice lottery in this round.

The real reason the couple landed in Williamsport, PA would not reveal itself for years to come.


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