That DINK life

Full of fresh energy and new ideas, David and Pam’s new dental practice quickly made news in the small town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, as they began to wine and dine the local dentists and build a business from scratch. After renting an apartment for a few months, they bought a small house in town for a couple years. Although the city bungalow was a place to call their own, they felt drawn by the “Mr. Blandings dream house” concept and soon had purchased a property that included 168 acres of rolling land, a modern barn, and a traditional 95-year-old farmhouse.

They gutted the house (which did not have a pre-existing kitchen) and lived amongst the construction debris while managing many of the renovations themselves.

They added all custom finishes and furnishings throughout, transforming the old house into an executive home.

Times were good, and David purchased a brand new white Cadillac for Pam, mainly because she looked so good driving it.


David had his own preferred form of transportation – his personal plane:

It was all going according to plan. At least, it was going accordingly to David’s plan – earn lots of money and spend it all on yourself. There were no kids to spoil this dual-income-no-kids strategy. That had all been covered on the first date.

Pam brought up the topic of kids once, and David responded in a neutral manner to confirm that his position had not changed. Several years later, in the early 1980s, Pam brought it up again, testing the waters. This time, David’s response was swift and severe.

“If you want children, we should get a divorce!”

Pam never brought it up in conversation again.

8 thoughts on “That DINK life

  1. Yowsers, “swift and severe” is right!
    I love that I know that you’re their kid, it feels like this is a Disney movie that I’m starting to watch, I know there’s gonna be a happy ending! But I’m still riveted to the screen nonetheless! =)


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